#Do all of your products contain apples and pears?
-Of course! Those are the key ingredients that makes our kimchi different and you can tell with the very first bite. 

#So what exactly does your Kimchi Slaw tastes like? I never saw anything like that.
-Even though Kimchi Slaw is very unique and new product the taste is very familiar to American taste buds. Mild and creamy at first but packed with some heat, it is like the American cole slaw with a KICK. 

#What can I eat Kimchi Slaw with?**
-Kimchi Slaw is a spread, a dip, a topping, a side dish, a condiment, and a salad dressing! Here is a list of food we’ve tested and guarantee you won’t fail with kimchi slaw;
*Burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, morning toasts, pizzas, tacos, burritos, nachos, grilled cheeses, steaks, chickens and fishes. It also matches with salads. Wow! 

#Is it organic?
-Not as of yet but we are continuing to develop a recipe to create an organic version in the future.

#Are Kyle’s Kimchi products vegan?
-Unfortunately no. Traditional Korean Kimchi contains fish products and our goal is to take a Korean staple and alter it in a way to accommodate the American taste buds. 

#Can you provide allergen info?
-Original and Cube contain salted shrimp, and anchovy sauce.
-Kimchi Slaw contains egg, and soybean oil from mayonnaise.

-Yes! Whew! All three Kyle’s Kimchi products are gluten-free!

#How long does it last in the refrigerator?
-Orginal & Cube last up to 6 months 
-Kimchi slaw lasts 3 to 4 months

#Where do you deliver?
-We deliver within the 4 Boroughs of NYC (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx).

#Why don't you offer shipping in other seasons?
-Depending on the destination, shipping takes 1-3 days or more. Not a good option for perishable items, especially during the hot summers. We’d like you to enjoy our awesome products in its perfect condition. Your smiles matter to us :)

#Is Kyle's Kimchi a legal business?
-Yes! Kyle's Kimchi is a legally registered business in NY, and fully insured. No worries!

#Do you do wholesale? 
-YES, YES, YES!! Please, shoot us an email to order@kyleskimchi.com